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Ensuring Safety in Overhead Motorized Rigging

stage lighting rigging above an audience

Not all motors are created equal, and those intended for hoisting materials are often ill-suited for motorized overhead rigging. The misconception surrounding motorized rigging is that any motor can be used to support overhead rigging, the structure above the stage or audience that holds theatrical light fixtures, curtains, decorations, etc . Not only is this notion incorrect, but it can also lead to potential safety hazards resulting in serious injury to those in your theater.

Check Manufacturer's Manual or Labels

rigging motor manufacturer label

After countless troubleshoots and site visits, we've discovered that many motors are being improperly used. Some motors are not rated for rigging and oftentimes have manufacturer warning labels on them that explicitly state that they should not be used to hoist objects over people, as seen in the example on the left. These labels are used because standard motors lack the necessary safety mechanisms and features that are standard in motors designed for overhead rigging. Ensure the safety of your rigging motor by checking the manufacturer's manual or labels for any warnings that may affect the proper use of your equipment.

Our Recommendation: ETC Prodigy Flypipe

ETC Prodigy Flypipe Hoist

Look no further than the Prodigy Flypipe, an absolute game-changer brought to you by the trailblazers at Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) . As passionate ETC dealers, we can't help but rave about this rigging system. Imagine a world where your lighting fixtures effortlessly take center stage, seamlessly suspended with precision and flair. The Prodigy Flypipe isn't just a rigging system; it's a testament to ETC's unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Prodigy Flypipe is a self-climbing hoist that is perfect for even the smallest of installations. Thanks to its shorter standard lengths and minimal structural load requirements, you have the flexibility to suspend nearly anything from virtually any location. The Prodigy Flypipe also seamlessly integrates with third-party strutmount hardware, streaming the installation process for fixtures and AV equipment.

Safety takes the spotlight with Prodigy Flypipe, promising a worry-free and reliable rigging solution for your stage or venue. With SmartSlack technology, this innovative system is equipped to detect multiple axes of hoist misalignment caused by potential obstructions, ensuring a secure and prompt halt to prevent any safety concerns. Additionally, it incorporates Dual Brake Technology, featuring a fail-safe motor brake and the added security of SafeStop secondary load arrest. These dual braking mechanisms provide redundancy, guaranteeing a doubly secure setup for overhead operations.

Experience the Prodigy Flypipe in action by watching the video below:


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