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The Secret to Extending the Life of LED/DMX Lighting Systems

ETC relay panels

In the world of theatrical lighting, the significance of maintaining a reliable and durable system cannot be overstated. One critical factor that often goes overlooked is the continuous exposure to power, even when the DMX signal switches off the theatrical light fixture. This persistent power supply, coupled with potential surges and spikes, poses a significant threat to the longevity and functionality of modern LED/DMX light fixtures, which are prone to expensive failures.

Through years of our troubleshooting and service experience, it has become evident that constant power remains a leading cause of failures in cutting-edge LED/DMX lighting systems. These fixtures operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, totaling 8,760 hours annually. The continuous power supply, even during periods of inactivity, heightens the risk of damage due to power fluctuations.

To address this challenge and extend the lifespan of LED/DMX light fixtures, manufacturers recommend the installation of relay panels. These panels serve as a crucial intermediary, allowing users to completely shut off power to the fixtures when they are not in use. This proactive approach significantly mitigates the risk of damage and enhance the overall reliability of the lighting system.

A common misconception, especially among rental companies, is that LED/DMX equipment for short-term events doesn't necessitate relay panels, assuming fixtures will be permanently unplugged after a few hours. However, for permanent installations, relay panels are a necessity. Beyond preserving the lifespan of LED/DMX light fixtures, these panels reduce the probability of damage and contribute to overall safety. Instances such as water leaks from the roof, posing fire hazards and electrocution risks, underscore the necessity of a comprehensive power control system

Our Recommendation

For optimal control and protection of LED/DMX light fixtures, we highly recommend incorporating ETC equipment such as ECHO panels, Foundry panels, Sensor IQs, etc. These advanced relay panels offer a robust solution to the persistent power challenge, enabling users to effectively shut off power when fixtures are not in use. This proactive approach ensures a more reliable and secure lighting system, making ETC equipment an invaluable addition to any permanent installation.

The incorporation of relay panels is not merely a recommendation but a fundamental step in ensuring the reliability and longevity of LED/DMX light fixtures. As technology progresses, it's crucial to grasp the intricacies of power management. By embracing relay panels, users can safeguard their investments, minimize the risk of failures, and contribute to the overall safety of their lighting systems.


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